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"Mini Moguls"

A Photography & Business Program for Kids

in partnership with The Boys & Girls Club & Trenton Artworks

Founder & CEO Quayshaun Williams is a multi-published portrait photographer and successful serial entrepreneur from Trenton, New Jersey. Amassing over 30k followers on social media & over 4+ million views online, having worked with multiple celebrities around the country. Born out of creativity & passion, Much Better Studios was founded in 2020 amidst the global pandemic and gained success in providing space and opportunity and high-quality photographs for customers nationwide.


The Much Better Studios team is launching a 10-week photography and business program for kids to learn, grow, and prosper with a primary focus on photography, visual arts, digital marketing, and personal and business development. We believe in equipping them with the tools and knowledge to transform their passions into viable businesses.

We will be serving kids from Martin Luther King Middle School every Thursday at our studio in downtown Trenton, New Jersey.

Why we need your help

Help with resources, funding, and partnerships of our program will dictate the quality and the experience the children will have during their time with us. With your help, we can provide more resources and better tools for the kids to have a much better experience. 


Our costs of renovating our newly acquired studio and establishing ourselves in our new location downtown are exceeding our expected budget so we are facing financial challenges with providing everything the kids need 

We are seeking funding

to execute the following

program initiatives effectively:


  • Creative Photography Course: We offer a comprehensive photography course that enable our students to express themselves artistically requiring all sorts of photography equipment including but not limited to Cameras, Lenses, Memory Cards, Computers, Laptops, & Software, etc. 

  • Entrepreneurship Education Course where we incorporate entrepreneurship & and financial education which requires Textbooks, learning materials, workbooks, online learning platforms, marketing materials, and if students decide to establish their own business, business registrations. 

  • Program Expansion: With funding, the program can expand its offerings by adding new courses, workshops, or outreach initiatives. This expansion allows the program to cater to a broader range of interests and skill levels, attracting more children to participate.

  • Upgraded Facilities: The money can be invested in improving the physical space, making it a more inviting and conducive space for learning. This could include renovations, adding creative spaces, and providing necessary equipment and tools.

  • Employment Opportunities: with help, funding can be used to hire skilled instructors and staff, increasing the capacity to accommodate more children in the program. This expansion ensures that a greater number of kids can benefit from the educational and entrepreneurial opportunities provided by the business.

  • Support for Young Entrepreneurs: funding can be used to establish seed funding or a business incubator for young entrepreneurs in the neighborhood. This promotes innovation and helps budding entrepreneurs launch their creative businesses.

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