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The Ultimate Maternity Experience

We don't just take pictures, we make pictures! From start to finish. We guide you from creating a concept, wardrobe assistance and posing! We provide props, build sets, and offer fabric & gowns for our clients.
Browse through the galleries below to get a glimpse of our work. 

Our most popular props.

Also including rose petals, vintage telephones, royal crowns, designer books, magazines, a white box, various stools & much more. 

Our maternity gowns.

The difference between a regular edit and a special edit.

Standard Delivery vs. Rush Delivery

Standard Delivery is 7-10 business days. We understand you may need your photos right away for many reasons so we offer 72 hour rush delivery.

Special Edit vs. Regular Edit

Special edits are unrealistic photos such as underwater/floating swing concepts. Regular edits are standard portraits. 

Open to Travel

I am open to travel by request, travel prices include set up, studio rental, & time away from the studio.

Gowns & Fabric are included 

Gowns and fabric are included for each client. Gown colors range from baby pink, baby blue, & white. Fabric colors range from pink, blue, gold, red, white, gold, etc.

Our Two Maternity Packages

The Maternity Experience

Best option for Traditional Maternity Shoots. Simple & Classy. 

$500 Plus Tax. $200 Deposit.


The Deluxe Maternity Experience

Our Signature Package. Perfect for the ultimate maternity experience.


You've got this far but still have more questions? 

$749 Plus Tax. $250 Deposit.

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